Washington, DC
July 18 – 20, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit

The 2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit (GGCS) is the third in a collaborative series sponsored by the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The 2017 GGCS will be held in conjunction with the inaugural K–12 FIRST Global Challenge.

The 2017 Summit aims to inspire the next generation of engineers, policymakers, and the public to address critically important engineering challenges and opportunities facing humanity. It will focus on the four themes of the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering: Sustainability, Health, Security, and Joy of Living, as well as Education, and Public Engagement related to the Grand Challenges.

Grand Challenges

In 2008 an expert committee of the NAE selected 14 major Grand Challenges for Engineering whose solutions were considered critical to the future well-being of humanity and the planet. The Grand Challenges range from advances to ensure sustainable life on the planet, to improving health outcomes for individuals through engineering, to addressing threats to our security generated by humans or nature, to engineering that amazes us in the way it improves our quality of life. At the Summit, we will hear about sustainability efforts in China, bioengineering advances in the UK and US and efforts to advance the human experience through virtual reality and artificial intelligence. We will hear about education and public engagement related to the Grand Challenges as well. Throughout the Summit there will be ample time for audience engagement, discussion and networking.


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Washington DC

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